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Businessman at heart, DMS started in business at the age of 6, and opened the first grocery store in his village at the age of 8. A graduate of a Master's degree in management, he has been at the head of several companies since the age of 22.


Since 2012, he has been Vice-President of the China-Africa Investment Federation. Since 2019, he has been President of the Africa Division of the China Association for the Promotion of Economic and Technical Cooperation.  He holds a master's degree in management, his initial training, Dominique Saatenang is now an expert in tripartite relations between China, Europe and Africa. He is fluent in Chinese, English, French and Bamileke.


His company DMS INTERNATIONAL GROUP, based in Paris (Champs-Élysées), specializes in seeking financing and facilitating investment projects between China, Africa and Europe.

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